STOP! Burger Time!

Before I show you the delicious, amazingness that was my bacon, avocado blue cheeseburger (yeah, it was…wow…just simply wow), I have a little story to tell you about the last time I was home. About 16 miles from Fredericksburg is a slightly-hard-to-find-but-oh-so-worth-it restaurant called Alamo Springs Cafe. Their burgers and onion rings are quite simply … Continue reading STOP! Burger Time!

Risotto Update!

First of all, while I normally serve my risotto with roasted chicken, I discovered something even more amazing. That’s right, grilled porterhouse steak.   Well, honestly, it never was much of a competition.  Just do yourself a favor and don’t overgrill it.  There’s is no bigger sacrilege to a foodie.  Especially one that grew up … Continue reading Risotto Update!