Giving Thanks

Since mid-August, I feel like my crazy life has been one big trip.

That is not a complaint in any way, shape, or form–just a statement of fact, as for the most part all the trips were amazingly wonderful.  But there is something to be said for being at home with the pupcicle and doing something for the first time in a long time, which was breathe.

There was no thinking about work or planning the next trip or cleaning or planning of ET posts.  I gave myself permission to have a day all about doing what I wanted to do, which was a whole lot of cooking, yelling at stupid ^&*&$%*@&(%) football games, a Harry Potter movie marathon, and snuggling with the Princess Pupcicle, who was happy to oblige.

It was completely opposite to my amazing Thanksgiving last year in Florida.  Nor was it the Thanksgiving I thought I would be having (aka in Texas with the Fam), but it was truly what I needed–so for that I am exceptionally grateful.

I got to geek out with my roasted pumpkin soup by roasting the seeds and adding them to the top.


And took the time to make mini pumpkin pies with fresh whipped cream (thanks April–Lucille makes it soooooo easy!).  I loved how they turned out–perhaps not Food Magazine worthy, but you can tell they were made with love….AND A LOT OF TIME ROLLING DOUGH!  Poor Addy, she thought she was getting cookies (perhaps a task for this weekend!).

This +


that =




Happy Thanksgiving–even if it wasn’t what you thought it would or should be, I hope that in the end you had a great day!  Gobble-gobble!

Thirsty Thursday #9

In trying to find pictures for Throwback Thursday, I realized I have a lot of pictures of adult beverages (that is said with pride, by the way). As such, I’ve decided rather than share pictures of me with bad 80s hair and glasses that legitimately covered half my face, I could easily share glasses of a much tastier kind.

Despite being in loooooooooooooove with wine, in my very heart of hearts if I have to pick an adult beverage of choice (and let me make it VERY clear I would very angry with whomever would make me actually choose a side), it would have to be beer (but honestly, it’s like asking a parent to pick a favorite child).

Of course I have my favorite beers, like Shiner, Stella, and Guinness, but when traveling out and about I also love to try the local beers.  As such, I drank a lot of Key West Sunset Ale during our long weekend.  It was light and smooth, but had a slight bite on the finish…you know, not enough to be considered bitter but enough to let you know you were drinking beer and not that dreaded water-crap.

Here are TK, James, and I at one of the many watering holes Key West has to offer, enjoying our Sunset Ales.  Cheers!


Margarita Monday, Part Cinco

I wasn’t actually planning on Margarita Monday to be a regular thing, but I figured what the heck–who doesn’t like margaritas?!?!?  Also, if you’d like a picture of your tasty margarita to appear here for Margarita Mondays, please tweet it to me @epicurioustexan!

This tasty little baby was from The Smallest Bar in Key West, which is only 72 square feet!