Sunday Comics #52: WTF

I could literally peruse this site for hours, as I have a penchant for useless trivia (thankfully, I have several friends, one in particular, who keep me well-stocked in trivial facts).

In continuing on our presidential theme, I found a few presidential posts (well, more than a few…but a few that would qualify for Sunday Comics).

Parrots, man…you just can’t keep ’em quiet!

andrew jackson

Happy President’s Day!

In honor of today’s celebration of the 44 men who have bravely led our nation, I found a fun article from Mashable highlighting an obscure fact about each of our Commander-In-Chiefs, which you can read in full by clicking on the–no-doubt authentic–picture of George Washington below.

Now you can enthrall, amaze, and annoy your friends, family, and coworkers this holiday by regaling them with the number of pants Chester Arthur owned, the ambidextrous/multi-lingual James Garfield, how Franklin Pierce got arrested, and whose face graces the $10,000 note (yes, it really does exist!).

Thank you for your service, Mr. Presidents!




A Super (bowl) Sunday Comics

Alright, the guac is prepared and the beer is cold….now all that is left is–The Commercials! Oh yeah and of course, the game too (I mean, you do have to regular allotments of time to refill the snacks!).

To help get you prep and get you in the spirit, I’ve found a collection of some of the best Super Bowl commercials over the years…enjoy!

oh, and…a puppy.