Gobble Gobble

Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving day filled with lots of turkey, wine, pie, mashed potatoes, wine, pie, and FOOTBALL (you know, all the important things in life!).


A Peep at My Sweet Tooth

One of the earliest memories I have is going with Granny to the nursing home to visit her father, Pa.  We never stayed long, just a few minutes (probably because she had a little rugrat in tow!)–just long enough to say hi, ask how Pa was doing and hand over a bag of candy.

My great-grandfather, you see, had a sweet tooth–and not just one either!  He could easily eat a large bag of candy in one sitting.  In order to make the candy last longer than 2 hours, Granny would give the bag of candy to the nurses and asked them to ration it out so the bag would last all week.  Of course, Pa was having none of that: once his daily ration was consumed, he would then start raiding candy stashes of everyone in the nursing home.  Apparently, Pa was quite the candy thief.

It is, therefore, little surprise that his great-granddaughter inherited his sweet tooth.  I’m not a big candy fan–I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like candy and will happily indulge–but I much rather prefer cake and ice cream and pudding and pie and cheesecake and cream puffs and…well, you get the picture: things made with love–not in a production line (although, yes, I will concede everything I listed can be made in a production line).

EXCEPT one thing.  It’s completely irrational and totally disgusting and why, why, why I love them I’ll never know, but I do.


Yes, marshmallows dipped in sugar.  I’m not proud, but there you go.  Take a minute to make that face.  Yes, that face–you know that scrunched-up-I-can’t-believe-I’m-actually-hearing-this face you make it whenever you come across the rare individual that actually admits to liking Peeps.  You know, the same one you make when you hear that someone likes Vegemite. The BFF tries her best to indulge my predilection for Peeps (she will NOT under any circumstances acknowledge my voracity for Vegemite, except to say that I’m gross!).  She tries to get me Peeps for every holiday where they make an appearance (which, anymore is ALL OF THEM), such as for example:



And in case you’re wondering, NO, I did not eat the entire package in one sitting, much to Pa’s dismay.

Birthdays Galore!

Yesterday started my birthday week. By that, I don’t mean it’s the week of my birthday, but rather: starting yesterday, I have at least one birthday a day until the end of the month (and yes, I know it’s technically 8 days, but channel your inner Beatles and work with me here people!). The only day in this week missing a birthday is the 29th. Anyone out there with a birthday on the 29th? My OCD is wanting the day to be allotted to a birthday! Of course, I have 2 birthdays the day before and 2 birthdays the day after, so I don’t reeeeeeeeally neeeed another birthday…

What birthday week has reminded me is that I’ve been slacking in the post dept! Remember last year’s birthday week? It was a bit crazy–fun, mind you–but crazy. Here they are again, if you wanna relive the magic! Hopefully they are properly linked to magically take you to the original post when you click on it. If not, yell at the technician (that’s me, btw, but alas I’m currently not taking complaints!).

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I think birthdays are special–they are the one day a year that’s all about celebrating you. Unless, of course, you are Desire’, who also celebrates her half birthday. Her birthday is in February. February, in case you are unaware, is NOT conducive to sitting outside in NYC, drinking margaritas, eating Mexican food, and not getting frostbite–so we celebrate her birthday in August, when we can do all those things sans the frostbite!

Regardless of when you celebrate, do it in style: like we’ve done in the pic below! It is the pie we ordered for my boss’s birthday: sour cream and apple–The Little Pie Company’s best seller! And for good reason: while it sounds slightly weird, the flavors all meld beautifully together for a heavenly slice of pie…especially when enjoyed a la mode 🙂


Easy as Pie

Anyone who’s actually made pie, knows that it’s not easy.  Unless, of course, your idea of making pie includes buying it from the store, in which case, let me recommend: The Fredericksburg Pie Co.

First of all, they have an amazing selection…providing you get there before about 3pm.  If not, your selection will be dramatically reduced.  But fear not!  It doesn’t matter what kind you get you will not, NOT be disappointed.

The secret–and the reason pie is so hard to get right–is in the crust.  It is light and flaky, buttery and melts in your mouth.  And when you take one of my favorites, like, let’s say peach, warm it, and pair it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream…well, magic happens.  The kinda magic that makes you drift off to a place and a time long ago when the world stopped and just enjoyed food.

Nothing says home like peach pie & vanilla ice cream

Nothing says home like peach pie & vanilla ice cream

Bring a friend or two or ten.  Why?  So that you can try more flavors, of course!

Chocolate Cream

Chocolate Cream

Not Just Pecan Pie, But Bourbon Orange Pecan Pie

Not Just Pecan Pie, But Bourbon Orange Pecan Pie!

Good Old Fashioned Buttermilk!

Good Old Fashioned Buttermilk!

The most surprising?  The Coconut Meringue.  Why?  I’ve never been a big fan of coconut.  Unless it’s in the form of an umbrella drink brought to me by a scantily clad cabana boy.  Ahem, I’m sorry, where was I?  Oh yes, this coconut pie is everything I never realized it could be.  Silky and creamy and just enough coconut to give it a light and delicate flavor, but not so much to make you feel like you just got hit in the head with a coconut.

Heaven in the Form of Coconut Meringue

Heaven in the Form of Coconut Meringue

The best part?  Taking one home.  And if you can’t decide, they are happy to give you let you pick two and give you a half of a pie of each (although how they transfer it so cleverly without ruining it is a mystery to me!).

GO EAT PIE.  send me a thank you.