January Recap!

What the hell happened to January?  How is it already February 1st?? (btw, Happy Birthday James!) Oh, yeah…I got a new job.  Great for bank accounts and pesky things like paying rent and bills, bad for blogging!  Well, not bad–I just need to figure out a better blog strategy! We took a very brief trip … Continue reading January Recap!

Portus Cale

Sorry.  I, well, I have no excuse.  The thing is: I love research.  In that respect, I’m weird and slightly geeky.  I admit it.  But I got sucked into a wonderful world on the Iberian peninsula, along with trying to decide what I want to do with a rather large milestone birthday coming up later … Continue reading Portus Cale

New Directions!

That’s not a band or a school or something fancy schmancy from GoogleMaps (or whatever might pop into your head).  It’s actually what I want to do with this blog. Oh sure, when I started out, I wanted to talk about travel and food and drinks and whatever…and that’s not going to change.  What I’m … Continue reading New Directions!