Sunday Comics: Texas Heat Wave

too. hot. to. type.

Actually we were given a brief heat wave reprieve today in NYC–but Sundays are great for being lazy.

Meanwhile, back home:


Stay cool & hydrated–and watch out for rings of power!

Evening View

This evening is the best kind of evening to be on the ferry:  the windows are open; there’s a cool breeze gently pushing away the heat of the day; and there aren’t too many tourists blocking the view. 

It is in this very moment–a bubble of 25 minutes that many perceive to be mundane–that I find absolute perfection.


Thirsty Thursdays

In trying to find pictures for Throwback Thursday, I realize I have a lot of pictures of adult beverages (that is said with pride, by the way). As such, I decided that rather than share pictures of me with bad 80s hair and glasses that legitimately covered half my face, I could easily share glasses of a much tastier kind. So without further adieu, I present to you: Thirsty Thursdays!


Nothing says refreshing like Blue Moon on draft in the summertime–best served cold, with a slice of orange, and a friend!