Red, White, and (a) Blue Moon

Happy Fourth of July!  Independence Day…or as the British like to call it, The Colonies are Acting Out, But I’m Sure They’ll Straighten Out Soon….Orrrrr Not.

The birth of a nation and we celebrate with activities ranging from baseball games to cookouts to water activities to blockbuster movies to fireworks displays all throughout the country.  And, if you are most anyone I know, beer.  Lots and lots of beer.  Or at least a couple.  Or one.  ONE BEER.  

For those of you who know me, you know that when it comes to beer, I will drink Texas, Irish, and ANYTHING from Belgium.  Occasionally when feeling adventurous (or none of the above is included in Happy Hour), I will branch out to include other beers…and The Fourth of July is one of those times.  I feel that, in honor of our forefathers, one should imbibe in American beer (and yes, I acknowledge that technically Texas beer is American beer, but until recently nearly non-existent in NYC).

Enter Blue Moon.  Colorado beer made by an American, who learned beer mastery in, well, Belgium.  That’s because Belgium makes great beer.  Period.  End of Discussion.  Don’t argue, it will fall on deaf ears.

Blue Moon is a great summer beer.  It’s light, it’s refreshing, and when it’s served with an orange slice on a hot day, magical.  Especially when you’re at a bar, eating chicken nachos.  Or at a picnic in the park.  Or a backyard BBQ.  Or a pool party.  Or…well, you get the idea.


Blue Moon now has several varieties, none of which I have tried other than the original: The Belgium White.  And like all traditional hefeweizens, it’s served with citrus.  However, unlike most hefes, it’s best with an orange (usually hefes are served with lemon wedges), something that initially I thought I’d hate–but in fact, have grown to love and crave, particularly in the hot, sweltering summer when even Stella seems too heavy!

Just a side note, like all beers, it tastes COMPLETELY different when you drink it from the bottle and the orange slice is ESSENTIAL for making it pop.  So, if you’re at home–do yourself a huge favor and drink it out of a glass and make you add an orange slice!

You’re welcome!

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