Granny’s Girl

Today is my Granny’s 93rd Birthday.


The changes that have occurred in the world in her lifetime are truly amazing.  I’ve spent the last few days going through old pictures and one of my favorite is of Granny when she was maybe 2 in the bathtub.  The thing is that the bathtub was actually a washtub that was outside and filled with water (and undoubtedly the water was shared between her and at the very least her older sister).

It does cause one to give pause and think about how the world has changed since 1920, where with my phone I can take pictures at her birthday picnic at the park and post them instantly to the interwebs via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.   And for a bit of entertainment, I can hand her my phone and show her a video of her great-granddaughters acting silly the night before.

Granny has seen the introduction of so many things that we take for granted today: cars, microwaves, cell phones.  But the one thing I don’t take for granted (or try my best not to) is my Granny.  It was her amazing food and patience in teaching me how to cook & bake that turned me into a foodie.  Her hugs still are the best.  And probably her greatest gift was her ability to make all of her 6 grandchildren feel like they were her favorite.  I think, though, at this point Granny it’s okay to admit it’s me!!  🙂

Happy Birthday to THE most amazing person that I know, my Granny.


Happy Birthday Granny


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