Phooey on You!

That’s something my BFF’s Nanny used to say.  And I’ve adopted it because, well, it’s fabulous.

Alright, so…I have to admit to being slightly [read: VERY] disappointed no one even bothered to enter my silly little competition and I may have been [read: WAS] pouting a bit [read: A LOT].  Perhaps it’s because you don’t have a penchant for silly little things.  Perhaps you hate me and are just here stalking me.  Perhaps you, like friends I asked why they didn’t enter, thought it didn’t apply to you.

IT APPLIED TO YOU. I don’t care if you’re my BFF, my MC, my MOM, my DAD or my XZYJKLMNOP–enter!  I am now forced to go on a day trip and buy something silly for myself.  The TRAVESTY!

Alright, brattiness aside, I’ve also spent several days celebrating my birthday.  I had a wonderful weekend; got some amazing gifts and ate some amazing food–which will be featured here, such as introducing the very lovely Lucille, a Kitchen Aid mixer given very generously by the incredible and magnanimous April (yes, of Pics by April!), aka The Nice Wanderlust Twin (I being the evil one of course!).

But I was also asked to make a few resolutions.  One of them is to spend some time focusing on this blog.  So I’d like to hear from you.  ASIDE from more posts, what would you like to see?  Anything…from style to formatting to suggestions about what to write or perhaps suggestions about background or font or wanting to see more reposting other blogs.  Just throw it out there!

And, hey, if you want to send me to study & write about the cabana boys in Aruba–I’m your girl!  :- )

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