Snow Day!

Snow Day!

You know what I love about snowy days? The princess pupcicle LOVES snow! I mean, I love snow…but she LOVES it. A lot like the fish in Finding Nemo when he sees bubbles…BUBBLES!

After frolicking in the snow for a bit (and an initial shoveling of the sidewalk), the pupcicle and I are cuddled upstairs, reading and napping (I’ll let you decide who is reading and who is napping). I thought I’d take a moment from reading/napping to share one of my favorite pics of the princess pupcicle.

It was taken our first or second year here in NYC and we had just discovered the pupcicle’s new favorite game: snow fetch!
This involves throwing a tennis ball into a snow drift and letting the pupcicle dig around for it.

Alas, there’s not enough snow fallen yet for snow fetch, so back to reading/napping!

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