Get Your Hot Knish Here!

Nestled on the Upper West Side is a fabulous place at 80th & Broadway called Zabar’s, who’s motto is New York is Zabar’s…And Zabar’s is New York.  They’re not lying.  Zabar’s was opened in 1934 and is such a New York icon among New Yorkers in terms of gourmet food and coffee at reasonable prices.  I go in several times a week for THE best onion bagel in town.  Quite honestly, I’d live there if I could.  Of course, I’d probably weigh 837 pounds if I did, but I’d be a happy, happy girl!

Now, for everyone who has visited me and I have NOT taken them to Zabar’s…ooops,   don’t yell at me–you just have to come back! Actually, it is because until the last year or so, I hadn’t actually been inside Zabar’s.  I’ve only passed their enticing windows, presumed it was too expensive, and stupidly kept walking.  Thanks to Philip, I have been drinking their amazing coffee since I arrived in New York and one day I just figured what the hell–and went in!  I could, and have, gotten lost in there.  It’s a time warp.  I’m not lying when I said I could live there!

But, I digress what I really wanted to talk to you about is a delectable goody known as the knish (which you’d already know, if you were paying attention to the title!).  I walked in today for THE best onion bagel in town and something else caught my eye.

breakfast of champions!

breakfast of champions!

The knish.  I just…I just…I just had to get it.  I mean it’s sausage and I’m presuming potato and it just looked too damn good not to get.  Besides, with the windchill it’s 10F–so I think I can splurge on something hearty this morning.

Best. Decision. EVER!  Okay, maybe not ever, but definitely of the day… and the week, hell, may be even the month!  Not only is it sausage and potato, but the potatoes are mashed and garlicky with a smattering of sauerkraut.  Just a hint, mind you, to play with your tastebuds a little.  All of this is wrapped in a flaky puff pastry and topped with sesame seeds.  You bite into the warm and deliciousness and your eyes roll back in your head a bit.  It was spectacular!

In my opinion, probably a bit too heavy for everyday consumption in the summertime–but when it’s cold outside and you need something to warm your soul, head to Zabar’s and indulge in a hot sausage knish…you’ll thank me and if you’re feeling really nice, you’ll get me one too!!


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