The Classics.


About this time every year, I force myself to read a classic novel.    I’m not sure why I foist the classics upon myself, I mean, other than the fact that it is a classic and, in theory, worthy of my time and a great excuse not to go outside.  Except Moby Dick–there’s 6 months of my life I’ll never get back (and yes, I’m still very bitter about that, THANKS, Melville, THANKS A LOT!).

I find it ironic that I have to basically talk myself into reading this genre (it was really bad after Moby Dick), but in the end I really enjoy it and wonder why I don’t read more classics.  Take War & Peace, for example.  I think everyone looks at it as a massive undertaking of depressing Russian literature that you have to slog through, but no, it really isn’t.  Once you get down all the characters (and it takes a bit of time because their names are all very similar), it masterfully moves quickly for a 7385 page book (that may be a slight exaggeration–I’m just too lazy to get up, find my copy, and look it up).  And no, I’m not delusional or drunk.  I mean, I may be both but not about this.

Anyway, I’m not sure why I’m babbling on about this–it has nothing to do with food or drinks or travel, but really, I just wanted to create a poll (what?? It’s either this or shovel the sidewalk–and it’s too cold for that!). Basically,  I’m just wondering if there was anyone else with this lofty goal–aka escapism for the winter blues?

Thoughts on Classic Literature

In case you’re wondering, this year’s selection is Les Misérables.  I tried reading it when I was in high school, but apparently I was not ready for such an undertaking as Mr. Hugo.  I set it aside, with a promise that I’d come back for it.  Of course, I didn’t realize it was going to take nearly 25 years.  Good thing it’s a classic 😉

2 thoughts on “The Classics.

  1. Jo Healy says:

    Ah, Les Miserables. Elizabeth gave me the book a while back – she figured since I love the musical, the movie, the sound track (pretty much know it word for word) that I should read the book.

    The thickest book in the house, by the way. And I’ve not yet started it! Perhaps you’ve inspired me to pick it up. Even though it’s far from Winter here!!

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