I love wine.  The smell, the taste, the way it lingers on your tongue.  And it’s no secret that I am a red wine girl.  I always have been, which I owe entirely to one set of host parents that I had when I was an exchange student to The Netherlands.  Every year they would plan a pilgrimage to … Continue reading vee-on-YAY!

Granny’s Gumbo

It was from my Granny that I learned my love of food.  Her bread–baked fresh regularly–was amazing.  We lived down the road, I swear I could smell it baking and would rush over to Granny’s house.  When it came out of the oven, she’d slice it, slather it with butter, and OMG, it was divine. … Continue reading Granny’s Gumbo

Have Fun! Use Condoms!

As previously mentioned, I grew up smack dab in the middle of Texas miles and miles from anything you’ve probably ever heard of, such as Austin or San Antonio.  In my tiny little town, everyone knows you and your family all too well.  For those of you not having the fortune of growing up in … Continue reading Have Fun! Use Condoms!

Sunday Brunch

Nothing says “Sunday” like sleeping in and brunch. My favorite brunch items that I love to make are french toast and biscuits & gravy (which I can’t talk about right now or I’ll want to make it and I don’t have sausage for my gravy…and you CANNOT have biscuits & gravy without the sausage gravy!) … Continue reading Sunday Brunch

Olive You.

  Olives.  One of the healthiest foods on the planet–their oil is touted as a miracle worker. I have never been a big fan. Ever. Except maaaaybe when they were marinating in gin or vodka.  And then only occasionally. Then it happened. A trip to Turkey and Greece, where every meal–including breakfast!–included olives.  Of all … Continue reading Olive You.