Chalkboard Art: Santa

New York City streets are filled with a lot of things: people, dogs, trash, mysterious things you’re better off not knowing what they are…but my favorite things NYC sidewalks offer are Chalkboard Art.

Merry Christmas!


Sunday Comics, Late Edition

As I was perusing the interwebs this evening, I found something to add a bit of fun to this final week of craziness leading up to Christmas…

Happy Holidays!


Oi Vey, What A Day!

Day One of baking is complete.

We got off to a very rocky start, in which I learned what happens to a tablet when a bottle of olive oil committed hari kari out of the cabinet, landing on aforementioned tablet. This is something that I did not need nor want to know and I certainly did not need to see it. After a few choice words and a full 30 minutes of pouting,  I took a big breath, acknowledged the damage was done and got to work.

Things were rocking and rolling, until I forgot to take a tray of Pupcicle cookies out of the oven in time. They were even too crispy to give to Addy.  I’m not sure who was sadder at that moment in time: ME for the lost time of rolling and cutting cookies only to have it be a complete waste or ADDY who watched helplessly as I threw an entire sheet of pupcicle cookies in the trash. All I’m going to say in my defense is that I thought I had pulled them out and they were happily cooling on the sheet. But as I pulled them out, I remembered I had left them in for a few more minutes..and apparently forgot to reset the timer. OOOPS! Addy only forgave me when I promised to make more tomorrow. Well, that and I gave her a cookie from the batch before…

As I’m about to make my everything cookies, I pulled out a new box of brown sugar and it was hard as a rock. I could hear Ome’s voice in my head telling me to add a slice of bread, but this wasn’t it’s-a-bit-hard-from-being-left-open. This was use-it-as-a-weapon-hard. So I walked down to the corner store to get more and, alas, they did not have any. I took it a sign that I didn’t need to make everything cookies and so it seemed like a good place to stop for the night.

All doughs are made and happily hanging out chillaxing in the fridge.  I even made some banana muffins since I spent the better part of the day starting at some very ripe bananas. All in all (tablet aside) it was a very productive day and I can’t wait to hand out all my goodies!!

Holy Pumpkin Cannoli, Batman!

As I’m pulling out the butter and cream cheese to soften,  I realize I forgot to mention THE most important cookies of all: pupcicle cookies!

Whew! Glad I remembered…and by “remember,” I mean that Addy reminded me. I mean, how else am I going to get her to pose for cute holiday poses,  such as this one?


Without cookies,  those poor antlers stay on approximately 3 seconds (although with the cookies, it’s only about 10 seconds,  so you have to have your camera in the ready position!).


And so,  without further ado (unless,  of course, I’m forgetting something else,  but I don’t think I am), I give you the real holiday baking list!

Menu (note: recipes with links on in the post prior to this one!)
Apple Pumpkin Pupcicle cookies
Sausage Balls
Sour Cream Cookies
Molasses Cookies
Rice Crispie Trees
Everything Cookies
Chunky Kisses

Stay tuned in case I forgot something else. In the meantime, all the Christmas movies are queued up and ready to go. But perhaps a bit more coffee is needed before recipe reading is required!

Happy baking ya’ll!