Oi Vey, What A Day!

Day One of baking is complete.

We got off to a very rocky start, in which I learned what happens to a tablet when a bottle of olive oil committed hari kari out of the cabinet, landing on aforementioned tablet. This is something that I did not need nor want to know and I certainly did not need to see it. After a few choice words and a full 30 minutes of pouting,  I took a big breath, acknowledged the damage was done and got to work.

Things were rocking and rolling, until I forgot to take a tray of Pupcicle cookies out of the oven in time. They were even too crispy to give to Addy.  I’m not sure who was sadder at that moment in time: ME for the lost time of rolling and cutting cookies only to have it be a complete waste or ADDY who watched helplessly as I threw an entire sheet of pupcicle cookies in the trash. All I’m going to say in my defense is that I thought I had pulled them out and they were happily cooling on the sheet. But as I pulled them out, I remembered I had left them in for a few more minutes..and apparently forgot to reset the timer. OOOPS! Addy only forgave me when I promised to make more tomorrow. Well, that and I gave her a cookie from the batch before…

As I’m about to make my everything cookies, I pulled out a new box of brown sugar and it was hard as a rock. I could hear Ome’s voice in my head telling me to add a slice of bread, but this wasn’t it’s-a-bit-hard-from-being-left-open. This was use-it-as-a-weapon-hard. So I walked down to the corner store to get more and, alas, they did not have any. I took it a sign that I didn’t need to make everything cookies and so it seemed like a good place to stop for the night.

All doughs are made and happily hanging out chillaxing in the fridge.  I even made some banana muffins since I spent the better part of the day starting at some very ripe bananas. All in all (tablet aside) it was a very productive day and I can’t wait to hand out all my goodies!!

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