Thanksgiving Bowl


For those of you out there who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope that you had a wonderful day filled with great food, family and/or friends, football, parades or however you like to celebrate.  I spent the day rotating between cooking and loafing and eating an extraordinary amount of cheese–it was a great way to spend a day!

Aside from the getting together with loved ones and cheese (and of course, wine–but isn’t that a given??), my favorite part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers.  Everything that is delicious seems to have even more flavor after sitting in the fridge (although I would say that is true of most things).  Thus when you bring them out again for a midnight snack, breakfast, or whenever strikes your fancy, the results are magical.

In that spirit, I present to you my Thanksgiving Bowl:

I know, I know there are some of you reading this now who are disappointed it has nothing to do with football, well…yesterday was a huge disappointment on the football field–so I’d rather just forget those games, thankyouverymuch!

But there isn’t anything disappointing about this bowl!  It has everything delicious about Thanksgiving.  For me, that would be mashed potatoes, turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce–well almost everything delicious except the pie.  I would recommend saving that for dessert…or even better: an appetizer!  😉

So tell me, what’s in your Thanksgiving Bowl?


Gobble Gobble


Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving day filled with lots of turkey, wine, pie, mashed potatoes, wine, pie, and FOOTBALL (you know, all the important things in life!).


Sunday Comics #42 Pie


Just a little pie chart for the upcoming week…

pie chart

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday Comics #41 Basting


It’s bast-ically funny, you know, so long as you have a glass of wine in hand…  😉


Giving Thanks


Since mid-August, I feel like my crazy life has been one big trip.

That is not a complaint in any way, shape, or form–just a statement of fact, as for the most part all the trips were amazingly wonderful.  But there is something to be said for being at home with the pupcicle and doing something for the first time in a long time, which was breathe.

There was no thinking about work or planning the next trip or cleaning or planning of ET posts.  I gave myself permission to have a day all about doing what I wanted to do, which was a whole lot of cooking, yelling at stupid ^&*&$%*@&(%) football games, a Harry Potter movie marathon, and snuggling with the Princess Pupcicle, who was happy to oblige.

It was completely opposite to my amazing Thanksgiving last year in Florida.  Nor was it the Thanksgiving I thought I would be having (aka in Texas with the Fam), but it was truly what I needed–so for that I am exceptionally grateful.

I got to geek out with my roasted pumpkin soup by roasting the seeds and adding them to the top.


And took the time to make mini pumpkin pies with fresh whipped cream (thanks April–Lucille makes it soooooo easy!).  I loved how they turned out–perhaps not Food Magazine worthy, but you can tell they were made with love….AND A LOT OF TIME ROLLING DOUGH!  Poor Addy, she thought she was getting cookies (perhaps a task for this weekend!).

This +


that =




Happy Thanksgiving–even if it wasn’t what you thought it would or should be, I hope that in the end you had a great day!  Gobble-gobble!

To Can or Not To Can…


When it comes to cranberries, it seems everyone has an opinion about which is better–canned or fresh.  I’m in the Fresh camp, but I know people who are staunch proponents of the canned jellied variety.  Apparently something about a slice of a canned cranberry log is appealing.  Texture-wise, I can see the appeal.  I will admit before seeing the fresh light, I enjoyed canned cranberries.  But once I made homemade cranberry sauce, I’ve never even looked back because IMHO taste-wise, it just doesn’t compare.  In a pinch, I will used canned whole cranberries and then doctor them up with cinnamon, cloves, and peach liquor or wine to add some homemade flavor (which is essentially what I add to my fresh cranberries).



So, my dear readers…which do you prefer?  Say it loud and say it proud!!

Food Fest!


Here’s hoping that at this point, you’ve slowly come out of your carb & tryptophan induced coma.  Personally, I’d like to still be in one, but alas–back to the real world.  I have to share our menu, because it was amazing.  And delicious!  However, because we wouldn’t want it to be too perfect, our beautiful pecan pie was a big soupy mess.  Not that it was deliberate, mind you!  It was truly a devastating tragedy, as it looked amazing and everyone aside from Christi and I proclaimed pecan to be their favorite holiday pie.  Ooops.  It does serve as a reminder that just because something is beautiful on the outside does not mean that it’s beautiful on the inside.

A Beautiful Tragedy!

A Beautiful Tragedy!

But enough about the pie tragedy, on to the rest of the delicious and very edible comestibles!

My (very full) Plate...and yes, I ate every. single.bite!

My (very full) Plate…and yes, I ate every. single. bite!

  • Turkey
  • Dressing
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Sweet potato casserole
  • Green bean casserole
  • Relish Tray
  • Cranberries
  • Corn
  • Gravy
  • Pink Salad
  • Cherry cheese pie
  • Cheesecake brownies
  • Pumpkin cheesecake

I feel like I’m leaving something out, but I can’t remember…so I’m going to leave you with a few mouthwatering pics, a few you’ve seen if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter @epicurioustexan (shameless plug!!)



pickles and okra and peppers oh my!

pickles and okra and peppers oh my!

bring on the Turkey!

bring on the Turkey!

The Dessert Table...yes, they got their own table!

The Dessert Table…yes, they got their own table!

WINE!  I forgot the wine…a pinot noir, of course.  What else does one have on Turkey Day?  Gobble gobble!  I know, I know that was rather snobby of me–drink what you like!  But do try to like pinot noir, if for nothing other than drinking with Thanksgiving dinner ;- )

Alright, so how did your Thanksgiving compare?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Being Thankful


Today’s the big day. Family.  Friends. Food. Football.  Naps. More food! But most of all,  thanks.  Thanks for all the things in your life–the good,  the bad, and yes, even the ugly.  They all make you who you are today.  And I’m not saying that everything in your life is perfect or great or maybe right now, it’s not even good.  But overall, if you are reading this, chances are you have a lot to be thankful for.  It might as big and as general as “I’m thankful for not going Chuck Norris on someone’s ass today at work!” or as small and trivial as “I am thankful for coffee, otherwise I just might have gone Chuck Norris on someone’s ass today at work!” So, what am I thankful for?  A lot, actually.  It’s been a very tumultuous year–to say the very least!  But through the ups and downs and all the in-betweens, here are 39 things for which I am extremely grateful.  After the top 5, they’re in no particular order–just typed as they pop into my brain.  It’s a hefty list, since I have a lot to be grateful for, so perhaps take a moment to grab a cup of coffee or another glass of wine, and a slice pie to enjoy while you read (or pretend to read in an attempt to have 5 minutes to yourself in a house full of people!).

  1.  My health.  As I get older and more aware of all the things that can and do go wrong with our bodies, I am glad that, overall, I have made it thus far without any major health complications.
  2. Family and friends.  And yes, they go together on one line because within this I am exceptionally thankful that a) not only love my family, but I genuinely like them and they are good and amazing people (because over the course of 39 years, I have met so many people who sadly cannot say that about their family) and b) I not only like my friends, but I genuinely love them and I believe that they are the family that we pick for ourselves.
  3. My pupcicle, The Darling Princess Adelaide (aka Addy).  That dog has gotten me through so much and yet, all she wants is to love and be loved.  And fed, because after all, she is my baby!
  4. Coffee. (I don’t even think it needs an explanation, especially to those who have ever seen me without it!)
  5. My Aunt Kathy.  Yes, she gets her own number because today is her birthday and whenever her birthday falls on Thanksgiving, she always says that we have to be thankful for her.
  6. Baking (with a special shout out to Granny, who taught me how)
  7. A commute that includes seeing The Statue of Liberty
  8. Being able to travel…and while it’s not as often as I would like, it is a lot more than most people
  9. Living in a place where clean, running water and electricity are expected.
  10. Books
  11. Ability to appreciate how beautiful life is
  12. Growing up knowing where my food comes from
  13. Beer
  14. Able to do math without a calculator
  15. Photography
  16. Post impressionism art
  17. Cheesecake
  18. Turkey
  19. Dressing
  20. Cranberries
  21. Mashed potatoes
  22. Green bean casserole
  23. Getting fired from Starbucks and learning that just because a company is good to work for doesn’t mean that they are good to you, as well as,
  24. Learning that it’s okay to leave (or get booted from) a job when your boss doesn’t respect your knowledge and hard work because she can’t acknowledge she doesn’t do her job.
  25. Living in a city with a great, albeit frustrating, public transportation system
  26. Going to the movies
  27. Computers, tablets, and smart phones
  28. Growing up without computers, tablets, and smart phones and know what it’s like to play outside, scrape my knees, eat clover leaves, and make my kid brother eat mud pies
  29. Autumn
  30. Snow
  31. Beaches
  32. FOOTBALL!!
  33. Okay, sports in general, but mostly #28!!
  34. The Cowboys, The Spurs, The Texas Longhorns, and The Yankees
  35. Lake houses
  36. All my favorite baristas who always make my day
  37. Wine
  38. Blogging…and 28 follower (whoop! whoop! thanks ya’ll!!)
  39. Living in a country where everyone is entitled to their own opinions free from persecution

And so much more that I could sit here all day and never be done…but I have to go check on the cranberries and start the mashed potatoes, so off I go!

Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll!  gobble gobble