Since I spoke briefly about it in the last post, I thought I’d follow up with a few pictures of Assos.  Assos is a present day seaside resort, known best for its Temple of Athena and the Academy of Assos, which was founded by Aristotle. We actually didn’t spend a lot of time in Assos, … Continue reading Assos

Turkish Bath

We didn’t actually do much in Kuşadası, which was a coastal resort town, but it was a nice place to a stopover on our way to Bodrum. HOWEVER, we were offered a chance for a Turkish Bath.  April wasn’t interested, but I certainly was! The first rule of the hamam is that men and women … Continue reading Turkish Bath

Black Sea Urchins

If you don’t mind indulging me, I’d like to continue regaling you with our Turkey & Greece trip.  I know, I know–everything is out of order because we actually started our trip in Istanbul and I have yet to write about that.  I’m just saving the best for last! Not to worry because today you get … Continue reading Black Sea Urchins

Cabin Fever!

If you’ve been around awhile, this blog post might seem a bit familiar, as well, I’ve written about it before.  A LONG TIME AGO IN A PLACE FAR, FAR AWAY I had another blog, who’s life was tragically cut short by hackers (okay, okay, fine posts were getting few and far between, but still!).  My … Continue reading Cabin Fever!

Thanks a Yacht!

Let me sum up an email chain while trying to organize our Turkey trip.  Please know this is a very liberal translation, as those emails are hopelessly lost in an email account that was viciously hacked causing me to start over with a new email and all that jazz…but I’m not bitter.  At. All. Anyway, … Continue reading Thanks a Yacht!


Normally for me the hardest part of a post is figuring out how to start. However, for this post it was trying to narrow down the pictures! Ephesus was at one time one of the huge port city and connector of several large trade routes between the East and West. It was home to the … Continue reading Ephesus