BBQ–The Stuff Legends Are Made Of!

Call me biased (but I’m not wrong!), Texas has THE best BBQ on the planet.  Sure, you can go to other places that like to brag about their BBQ-making abilities and you can find really good BBQ, but it’s just not the same.

I could probably fill an entire blog with every place in the great state of Texas to get BBQ that will make your eyes roll back in your head, but my favorite place is Coopers BBQ in Mason or Llano, Texas (go to Austin & head west or go to San Antonio & head north–I don’t think either town has more than 5,000 people–and that’s being very generous!).

When I pull up with newbies, their first comment is “This is it?” because it doesn’t look like anything special.

Why?  Because the specialness is in the BBQ.

Don’t wear white.  And don’t panic–there are no plates.

And yes, you really DO pick you out your meat on the grill before you go inside.  Try a little bit of everything (this is why it’s good to go with people–you can each get something different and share!).  Just don’t get too overzealous (it’s hard not to!) because you pay by the pound and it’s easy to rack up quite a bill!  Don’t know what to try?  Ask the guy manning the grill wearing boots, Wranglers, and a BBQ sauce stained tshirt who’s name is probably Bubba.  Don’t make fun of him because he’s probably related to me and I’ll have to kick your ass.

After you pick out your meat, you’ll go inside to get your sides.  There are a plethora to choose from, but I always get the potato salad–it’s a nice cool compliment to the BBQ.  And beans.  Don’t ask for them–they’ve been simmering in a big pot since about 5am.  Grab a bowl and fill’er up.

Then go sit at a picnic table, unwrap your BBQ, and introduce yourself to your neighbors at the table.  Everyone shares.  Everyone laughs.  Everyone has a great time.  It’s a good mix of locals and tourists, both of whom have been stopping in for decades.  Everyone leaves happy…and with a little BBQ sauce on their chins.

Go to Texas.  Eat BBQ.  Fall in Love.  Send me a thank you email.

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