The Ruff Life of a Beach Dog

Continuing on my birthday week adventures, today’s post is in honor of Wendy’s birthday.

Wendy lived (until she got crazy and moved to Chicago) in Galveston three blocks from the beach.  For all you out there living under a rock or (gasp!) are unfamiliar with geography of The Great State of Texas, Galveston is an island in the Gulf (obviously.).  There’s a lot to see and do there.  Yes, I’m being vague because honestly, I was there to visit family.  This primarily entailed walking the dog on the beach, running (and by “running,” I mean driving) to Spec’s and Starbucks, and walking the dog on the beach (yeah, I know I said it twice).  Dog other than The Darling Princess Adelaide?  Yes.

Meet the lovely Lola.

Ruff Life

Ruff Life

Since Lola is the princess of Wendy’s house, she was until recently a beach dog–dutifully splashing about, chasing seagulls, and being friendly with everyone sitting on her beach.  During the summer (and when I was visiting) it seemed an afternoon or midday walk wasn’t complete without a stop in to The Beach Hut.

Of course, Lola only gets served water.  She is, after all, underage (even in dog years!).  Humans, however, have the opportunity to imbibe in a plethora of drinks: beer, margaritas, beer, margaritas.  I’m sure there are more–as I saw other patrons with other fun looking drinks–but well, that was the extent of what we ordered at our table.  The BH website (linked above) tells you all about their amazing offerings and events.

I’m now realizing that this posting is starting to sound vague so let me get to the point:

The best part: you walk up from the beach and hang out on the patio, drinking.  In theory, there’s food.  In fact, I know there is because I spent quite a bit of time watching Lola try to cajole the neighboring table into sharing their fries.

And c’mon….how’s that view??  It allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the best part of beach life: the serenity with a beer (or insert drink of choice here) in your hand.

The Beach Life!

The Beach Life!

So if you find yourself in or anywhere near Galveston take a wander down the beach…almost to the end and visit The Beach Hut.  You won’t be sorry.  Order a drink, kick back, and send me Lola a thank you postcard!

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