Technologically Unadvanced…

Nothing like realizing the posts you thought were automatically scheduled weren’t actually posting.  DOH!  I’m happy to report it’s an easy fix.  Which, of course, leaves me feeling a bit like slapping myself in the forehead with my laptop.  eh, well….live & learn and hopefully don’t do that again.

At times like this, I do have to remind myself that I’ve lived in a time of rotary phones and I was in college when I got my first email account.  COLLEGE (hello, remember Lycos?!?!?!).  Things have rapidly progressed from the days of typing on a black screen in green font DOS to cellphones that run your life.  And yes, I’m the first to admit that my cell phone–Alfred–does run my life (along with the darling pupcicle).  I was reminded of this last weekend when Alfred died in a very epic fashion that was equivalent to throwing him in the Hudson.    The other thing I was reminded about is also how many social media channels there are in the world (and how many password combinations I conveniently forgotten because they were saved on Alfred!).  Personally, I ascribe to the Big 4 (at least in my opinion–I’m sure the teenagers in my life would vehemently disagree with me…and then tell all their friends about it on SnapChat or whatever it is):  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Since I have them for my personal life as well as my EpicuriousTexan life, I feel it’s more than enough.  But if you’re interested in branching out social media-ly, I find this little chart sums it up nicely (although at this point is probably 7 other sites now exist and are THE it thing to have).

Clear as…coffee sludge?

Alright…carry on about your day–just don’t forget to tweet about it!!

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