Day Trips!

Now that Autumn is in full swing and the temperatures are starting to slowly creep down, there is a briskness in the air and a bit more pep in everyone’s step.

Apples & pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere and the leaves on the trees are starting to change.  It is a colorful reminder that I now live somewhere that has an official Autumn season, and, in my humble opinion, it’s the best and most beautiful time of the year!

a gorgeous walk through the park with the pupcicle!

a gorgeous walk through the park with the pupcicle!

Sadly, I have not even been to the most beautiful parts of the Northeast where Autumn reigns supreme.  Since I have a bit more free time on my hands these days, this is something I hope to remedy with day trips out and about.

Because I’m a Texan, to me it’s nothing to travel 3 or 4 hours each way for a day trip destination.  Of course, up here, that easily translates into crossing several state lines.

So…my question to you is:  how far are you willing to travel for a day trip and what do you like to do or see?  Like museums, beaches, parks, historical sights, etc.  And let’s just make it interesting by turning it into a competition.  If you respond with your opinions, you will be entered into a drawing for a cool prize from my first day trip.  Now, don’t spend 73 hours typing a 4 page missive.  It will be something small and easily mailable–like a magnet or something cool I find while roaming the streets of…

How to enter?  Comment on this post with how far you’re willing to travel (one way) and what sightseeing you like to do.

Winner will be selected randomly.  You have one week (that’s Wednesday October 23rd for clarification purposes!)

Ready.  Set. TRAVEL!

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