Plumberry sponge cake with a Plummy accent

Looking for something to do with those last–of-the-season juicy berries and delicious plums calling out to you from the farmers market stalls? This post is the perfect “imperfect confection for a now wet and windy afternoon, rather than prissy act of perfection.” And, of course, the photos are mouth-wateringly delicious! It was simply too fabulous not to share…enjoy!

ice cream magazine

Plumberry sponge

A visiting virtuosi Grandchild is gifting us all with a rendition of Vivaldi’s Autumn, rasping and scraping with all the tenacity and musicality of a chain saw.  Bob and I avowed to return post Adagio Molto. The glissando (sliding between 2 notes) and polytonality combination of two or more notes being played at the same time – the child is already a master of the musicale known as:-  all the right notes but in the wrong order, so Bob and I hop’d it.

Bob About is my, ever-so-slightly, tamer-than-tame Robin, he prefers his tiffin from a particular terracotta tile which stands on a slice of a tree that fell foul to Honey fungus, whence he was born. His home sweet home but in another guise. He has many God parents, Walter Pigeon, Christopher and Jenny (Wren) and the Woodpecker family Cider and Rosie yet none dare to attend…

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