Let The Baking Commence!

Mmmmm…bacon! What? In my Texas twang,  baking and bacon are homophones.

Anyway,  I digress (as per usual when bacon is involved!).

BAKING! I have been generously bestowed the gift of time this holiday season, so I plan to take full advantage and get some long overdue baking finished this weekend. And, of course, by “finished” I mean doing everything but the shopping.

This year, here’s what Lucy and I will be creating:


Molasses cookies

Sour Cream Cookies by Jillee at One Good Thing by Jillee

Chunky Kisses (this is a recipe that I’m creating–aka tweaking–because baking without creating a new recipe is just boring!)

Rice Crispie Trees (yes,  I said trees not treats!)

Everything cookies (probably… I’m still on the fence about these, but all ingredients are on hand just in case!)

Sausage Balls (because we gotta have something savory!)

So that’s it! And now I’m curious: what kind of treats are you making/hoping will be made as the countdown to Christmas continues?

Check out FB (Epicurious Texan), Twitter (@epicurioustexan), and Instagram (epicurioustexan) throughout the weekend for updates!

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