The Road to Hell…

ha ha ha ha…What the hell happened to February????  I swear it was just Valentine’s Day!  I know it’s a short month, but c’mon!

Okay, so we didn’t go anywhere this month [EPIC FAIL!]. Plus there is this amazing recipe I planned on making for a tasty and healthier treat this weekend and I just now realized that this weekend is, in fact, next month [ANOTHER EPIC FAIL!].

But I’m not going to stress about it.  Why?  Because stress is bad for your heart (our theme of this poor forgotten month)!  A large part of the issue (and by large, I mean it is the “problem”) is that I got a new job. Unfortunately, it means I can’t just lie around eating bon bons all day!!  Fortunately, it does mean that I get to pay rent and bills and buy food, so I think it’s a pretty darn good trade-off!  Plus job is 180 degrees from last job, which is a fabulous and refreshing change of pace!

Now that I’m getting back into the swing of a work routine and have been playing around with my writing schedule, you’ll be getting more posts–I promise!

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