Remember the Alamo!

Happy Texas Independence Day!

Just a quick nod to home and panic not, I have Shiner Bock on hand for celebrating today!  I mean, what kind of good little Texan would I be if I wasn’t prepared for Texas Independence Day?  And before you non-Texans roll your eyes–yes, it’s a thing and yes, we celebrate.  Why?  Because we’re proud of who we are…and we never miss an opportunity to drink beer!

Now, I could easily launch into a dissertation about Texas Independence and the battles therein, such as the one at the Alamo, which served as a battle cry for the remainder of the war.  However, if you are a Texan you’ve known this information since the time you were in the 2nd grade and you’d only be skimming through, hoping for beer at the end.  And if you’re not a Texan, you’d probably only reading in the hope that there was beer at the end.  Alas, I don’t share my Shiner now that I live in a place where it isn’t always available, so today is definitely BYOB.

Before the celebrations begin, though, I’d like to leave you with my favorite quote from Davy Crockett in his concession speech for US Congressman in 1835


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