MWWC #26: Solitude

This month’s wine writing challenge is SOLITUDE, as selected by last month’s winner Beth of Traveling Wine Chick.  Honestly, I’ve been feeling a bit at a loss with this topic, as I’ve spent quite a few previous MWWCs talking about how wine is best paired with great friends.  But even the most extroverted extrovert needs … Continue reading MWWC #26: Solitude


Before I launch into Birthday Trip #2, I did want to take a moment to pay homage to ANZAC Day.  Today marks the 100th Anniversary of this very bloody battle, where the “winner” lost over 80,000 men and the “loser” gained a sense of self-independence. One of my friends was able to make the trek this year … Continue reading Healing

Lest We Forget

It is dark and cold and with bated breath everyone seems to be lulled into a sense of stillness.  The streaks of the sun peak over the horizon and a lonely trumpet plays. Dawn Service. Two powerful words and of all the ones I have been to, there are two that stand out vividly in my … Continue reading Lest We Forget

ANZAC Bikkies

Ooohh!  Ooohh!  Super-special post today!  What makes this post so special you ask?  It’s written (well not this introduction, of course!) by April.  There are several things that come to mind when I think about ANZAC day, such as Dawn Service, Two-Up, poppies, and ANZAC bikkies to name a few.  The bikkies (aka cookies) are … Continue reading ANZAC Bikkies

A Toast to Vegemite!

Dearest Mal, as requested a (hopefully) funny Australia story–Happy Birthday!! Show of hands of how many people NOT from Australia who like Vegemite?  Or have even tried Vegemite?  Or even heard of Vegemite in a setting other than a Men At Work song? Vegemite is a yeast extract paste that exceptionally high in B-vitamins.  Here’s what Vegemite … Continue reading A Toast to Vegemite!