MWWC #26: Solitude

7 thoughts on “MWWC #26: Solitude”

  1. I chose this topic because it hit home for me personally. I had no idea how it would hit home for many, but it different ways. I have been amazed so far at the quality of the writing that the word solitude has evoked. It has been emotionally moving for me to read everyone’s take on the topic. I live on my own, in the Napa Valley, away from family almost 3000 miles away on the East Coast. I have many meals alone and I usually taste wines for review alone as well. I attend wine industry events and have a small group of friends here with whom I go out occasionally, but most days after work, I drive home after work and spend evenings in solitude. Last night we had a wine dinner party Ehlers Estate, and I can guarantee you that wine, and free time, is better shared with others. I enjoy those moments the best. 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing! Wine dinner parties shared with others do bring the best moments! Having been bit by the travel bug when I was a teenager, I have spent the majority of my life traveling and moving around and being far from home. I enjoyed exploring this subject, as I think it is something which we can all identify. Some, like you and I, because we have too much and others because they do not have any.

    2. Beth, I’m curious if you’ve tried the Sutter Home wines? I just thought of them again a day ago. We toured some Napa Valley winieries and really liked that one.

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