Sunday Comics #1

When I was growing up, the best part of Sunday was opening the paper, pulling out the comic section and starting the day with laughter.  Nowadays, reading the paper (at least in my world) has taken on a technological spin–so while the comics are still available, it’s just not quite the same.  Plus the majority of my humor is now brought to me by the usual social media suspects.  However, I’m always up for sharing the laughter and I thought Sundays would be the perfect day for it.  By the way, I completely stole this idea from The Theatre Guild (and since I was there for the brainstorming, I’m presuming they’re okay with it)–thanks Philip & Marilyn! I found this on Pinterest, while searching for wine quotes for a soon-to-be-published post for this month’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge.  Happy Sunday!  🙂 20140803-173959-63599698.jpg

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