Thirsty Thursday #9

In trying to find pictures for Throwback Thursday, I realized I have a lot of pictures of adult beverages (that is said with pride, by the way). As such, I’ve decided rather than share pictures of me with bad 80s hair and glasses that legitimately covered half my face, I could easily share glasses of a much tastier kind.

Despite being in loooooooooooooove with wine, in my very heart of hearts if I have to pick an adult beverage of choice (and let me make it VERY clear I would very angry with whomever would make me actually choose a side), it would have to be beer (but honestly, it’s like asking a parent to pick a favorite child).

Of course I have my favorite beers, like Shiner, Stella, and Guinness, but when traveling out and about I also love to try the local beers.  As such, I drank a lot of Key West Sunset Ale during our long weekend.  It was light and smooth, but had a slight bite on the finish…you know, not enough to be considered bitter but enough to let you know you were drinking beer and not that dreaded water-crap.

Here are TK, James, and I at one of the many watering holes Key West has to offer, enjoying our Sunset Ales.  Cheers!


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