Remember Them.

4 thoughts on “Remember Them.”

  1. That must have been surreal to be on the other side of the world and watch from afar. It is a day that forever changed so many, a day that changed me. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I can’t imagine the helplessness you must have felt. My father in law & sistersinlaw worked in the area. My sister in law’s subway stop was the World Trade Center before walking to her office 3 blocks behind it. Even now, those frantic hours of not knowing are vivid. Our family is still so grateful to God for the gift of our loved ones who were spared when so many were lost.

    1. How scary for you and your family! As surreal as it was for me, I can’t imagine the helplessness of waiting to hear information on immediate family. Big hugs ❤️

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