The Big Island

Remember when I said that I did NOT want to leave Simi?  Well, multiple that by 100 and that’s how I felt about Rodos (aka Rhodes).  It is the largest island in the Dodecanese.  It is home of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and its Old Town … Continue reading The Big Island


Today Pergamon is known for the extensive amount of  ancient ruins still in tact high on the mountain above the modern day Turkish city of Bergama.  In its prime, however, it was known for its great library, considered to be second only to the Library of Alexandria, and its Asclepeion, which was considered to be the … Continue reading Pergamon

The Road to Hell…

ha ha ha ha…What the hell happened to February????  I swear it was just Valentine’s Day!  I know it’s a short month, but c’mon! Okay, so we didn’t go anywhere this month [EPIC FAIL!]. Plus there is this amazing recipe I planned on making for a tasty and healthier treat this weekend and I just … Continue reading The Road to Hell…

Have a [Healthy] Heart!

So in honor of Valentine’s Day and seeing heart shaped EVERYTHING in the stores, I thought I could focus this month’s food items on: things that are good for your heart! You thought it was going to be chocolate right?  Too cliche–and by that I’m mean, we’re saving cliche for NEXT month ;- )  Besides, … Continue reading Have a [Healthy] Heart!

New Directions!

That’s not a band or a school or something fancy schmancy from GoogleMaps (or whatever might pop into your head).  It’s actually what I want to do with this blog. Oh sure, when I started out, I wanted to talk about travel and food and drinks and whatever…and that’s not going to change.  What I’m … Continue reading New Directions!

Snow Day!

You know what I love about snowy days? The princess pupcicle LOVES snow! I mean, I love snow…but she LOVES it. A lot like the fish in Finding Nemo when he sees bubbles…BUBBLES! After frolicking in the snow for a bit (and an initial shoveling of the sidewalk), the pupcicle and I are cuddled upstairs, … Continue reading Snow Day!