Well, Turkey and Greece are, for all intents and purposes of that specific trip, done.  Of course, I could continue to write ad nauseum about the trip, but I need to move on because I have other great things to share and well, I need to leave some hope that I will return to both places … Continue reading Hungover.

The Big Island

Remember when I said that I did NOT want to leave Simi?  Well, multiple that by 100 and that’s how I felt about Rodos (aka Rhodes).  It is the largest island in the Dodecanese.  It is home of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and its Old Town … Continue reading The Big Island

Black Sea Urchins

If you don’t mind indulging me, I’d like to continue regaling you with our Turkey & Greece trip.  I know, I know–everything is out of order because we actually started our trip in Istanbul and I have yet to write about that.  I’m just saving the best for last! Not to worry because today you get … Continue reading Black Sea Urchins

Cabin Fever!

If you’ve been around awhile, this blog post might seem a bit familiar, as well, I’ve written about it before.  A LONG TIME AGO IN A PLACE FAR, FAR AWAY I had another blog, who’s life was tragically cut short by hackers (okay, okay, fine posts were getting few and far between, but still!).  My … Continue reading Cabin Fever!

Thanks a Yacht!

Let me sum up an email chain while trying to organize our Turkey trip.  Please know this is a very liberal translation, as those emails are hopelessly lost in an email account that was viciously hacked causing me to start over with a new email and all that jazz…but I’m not bitter.  At. All. Anyway, … Continue reading Thanks a Yacht!

Coffee Break

I’ve been sitting here thinking about Turkey and Greece; trying to figure out where to start by looking through photos and old blog posts. Naturally I begin basking in my trip down memory lane, so much so that I’m actually having trouble focusing on exactly what I want to write.   This trip was spectacularly … Continue reading Coffee Break

April…for April

I got an email from April today where the subject line read *cough* BLOG! *cough* I’m more than happy to oblige for two reasons: When I started this blog, I gave her my express written consent to harass me if I wasn’t posting enough–so really, she’s just doing her job. This month, I’m going to … Continue reading April…for April

Olive You.

  Olives.  One of the healthiest foods on the planet–their oil is touted as a miracle worker. I have never been a big fan. Ever. Except maaaaybe when they were marinating in gin or vodka.  And then only occasionally. Then it happened. A trip to Turkey and Greece, where every meal–including breakfast!–included olives.  Of all … Continue reading Olive You.