April…for April

I got an email from April today where the subject line read *cough* BLOG! *cough*

I’m more than happy to oblige for two reasons:

  1. When I started this blog, I gave her my express written consent to harass me if I wasn’t posting enough–so really, she’s just doing her job.
  2. This month, I’m going to be blogging about a trip that we took together to Turkey and Greece a couple of years ago.

If you look down the left column you’ll see a blurp entitled “PICS BY APRIL” in where I call her my wanderlust alter ego–and it’s so true, except she’s been to more places than me…but I’m not…jealous…nope…I mean, well perhaps a bit ;- )

April and I met when we were studying in Australia, became fast friends and travel buddies.  Since we both lived in Australia for several years, we got to experience ANZAC Day (April 25th) and during one of a gazillion conversations we confessed to each other that one year we’d like to go to Gallipoli for ANZAC Day celebrations.

Since neither of us spoke a lick of Turkish or Greek, we opted for a guided tour that would encompass a few days in Istanbul, ANZAC Day celebrations, various Turkish historical sites and concluded with a yacht cruise around the southern Greek islands.  Not a bad way to spend 18 days!

Of course, nothing went according to plan and the only certainty seemed to be that nothing was certain.  Once we anticipated that, things went smoothly–and by smoothly, I meant we just went with the flow and tried laughing rather than crying when random things happened, like our yacht being nothing close to a yacht or our bus needing a push to get started.

So, April, this April is for you!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA










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