Weekend Wanderings: Portland, ME

Here is a GREAT weekend trip idea! I’ve been to Maine once before and though it was only briefly, I definitely fell in love. Samantha is spot-on about there being no such thing as a stranger, something that pulls at my Texan heartstrings! Thanks for the post Lucy Bird! 🙂

Samantha Willner

Day 1: The Scavenger Hunt

“Whoa, that’s a wicked nice camera.”

Using a hand to shield his eyes from a sun that hadn’t yet risen, he aimed the statement at me and the Nikon tethered to my neck, oblivious to the fact that his dog’s leash had just become tangled around a tree. I was kneeling on the ground—absentmindedly snapping pictures of a purple sky on the verge of blossoming into a collage of pink and orange—trying to discern whether the boats bobbing on the horizon were actually used for fishing, or if they were just permanent fixtures of the scenery.

                                        Waiting for the sun to rise over Portland.

I offered the man a smile in response to his observation, thinking that would appease his curiosity, but I was wrong…

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