Universal Studios

3 thoughts on “Universal Studios”

  1. I am obsessed with Disney but nothing compares to Universal and IOA. I always had sooo much fun there. Living here, I think I would get annual passes there before I go to Disney, no matter how little-kid-giggly-teary-eyed I get when I go to Disney World. There’s just so much more to offer and so much fun! Plus it is funny now that Disney owns Marvel, because technically that means they would own at least SOME of the park now, where all the comic books are. Too good. I’m so glad you had a lot of fun there! Nothing beats going at this time of year too.

    1. Thanks for the comments–I had a wonderful time! Although, I went at the end of September, which I thought was also a great time (yes, I’m a bit behind in my posts! Lol)

      1. Haha, that is quite all right. September is still a nice time to go. I used to spend my summers out there and that heat is nothing to joke about. It is awful! Then again I burn way too easily. Looking forward to seeing more of your writings!

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