Like Peas and Carrots, Just Not With Merlot…

7 thoughts on “Like Peas and Carrots, Just Not With Merlot…”

  1. Thank you. Hilarious and I’m digging out that dusty bottle…. Now if only I could remember, are the chocolates in the oatmeal container or extra boxes of toothpaste.

  2. I love peas and carrots! But not with Merlot…preferably with a Riesling or Chablis. Unless I have roast beef with those peas and carrots, then it’s definitely a Merlot. I’m proud of you that you stand up for what you don’t like (Merlot). I’m sure you get a lot of flack for that one!

  3. I just had that bottle of Sterling! But I paired it with Nabisco 100 cal pack. I see my error now. Explains the minivan in the driveway & the casseroles in the freezer!

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