Thirsty Thursday #15

In trying to find pictures for Throwback Thursday, I realized I have a lot of pictures of adult beverages (that is said with pride, by the way). As such, I’ve decided that rather than share pictures of me with bad 80s hair and glasses that legitimately covered half my face, I could easily share glasses of a much tastier kind. So without further ado, I present to you Thirsty Thursday, all the way from Hawaii (for some strange reason I have a lot of pictures from Hawaii that qualify for Thirsty Thursdays…)!!

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t start my Hawaii-themed Thirsty Thursdays with a Mai Tai.  Well, truth be told, they’re not my favorite.  However, I did find one that I truly enjoyed (don’t fret, there will be more pictures of Mai Tais before I’m done with Hawaii Thirsty Thursdays).  Yes, it’s a shot…and while at the Koloa Rum Company we learned that to truly enjoy a proper Mai Tai, it needs to be remain layered rather than mixing everything together.  Thus: The Shot 😉


7 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday #15

  1. Analise says:

    A proper Mai Tai is, in fact not layered, but mixed. It’s mainly attributed to Trader Vic, one of the founders of the Tiki movement. The layered version is a recent comer, and not ideal because who wants to be sipping straight lime juice or straight syrup. There are a number of interesting write-ups on the topic, but this one is good:
    (stumbled across the blog while searching for a Texan Chili recipe from Epicurious. Cute pup!)

    • shez says:

      thanks for stopping by and for the information! I think the point they were trying to make is that when you drink it layered, it allows the rum to shine (not surprising for a rum company!)…I will have to definitely do more tast–uh, investigating!

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