Thirsty Thursday #15

7 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday #15”

  1. A proper Mai Tai is, in fact not layered, but mixed. It’s mainly attributed to Trader Vic, one of the founders of the Tiki movement. The layered version is a recent comer, and not ideal because who wants to be sipping straight lime juice or straight syrup. There are a number of interesting write-ups on the topic, but this one is good:
    (stumbled across the blog while searching for a Texan Chili recipe from Epicurious. Cute pup!)

    1. thanks for stopping by and for the information! I think the point they were trying to make is that when you drink it layered, it allows the rum to shine (not surprising for a rum company!)…I will have to definitely do more tast–uh, investigating!

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