Sunday Comics #1

When I was growing up, the best part of Sunday was opening the paper, pulling out the comic section and starting the day with laughter.  Nowadays, reading the paper (at least in my world) has taken on a technological spin–so while the comics are still available, it’s just not quite the same.  Plus the majority … Continue reading Sunday Comics #1

Thanks a Yacht!

Let me sum up an email chain while trying to organize our Turkey trip.  Please know this is a very liberal translation, as those emails are hopelessly lost in an email account that was viciously hacked causing me to start over with a new email and all that jazz…but I’m not bitter.  At. All. Anyway, … Continue reading Thanks a Yacht!

April…for April

I got an email from April today where the subject line read *cough* BLOG! *cough* I’m more than happy to oblige for two reasons: When I started this blog, I gave her my express written consent to harass me if I wasn’t posting enough–so really, she’s just doing her job. This month, I’m going to … Continue reading April…for April

Phooey on You!

That’s something my BFF’s Nanny used to say.  And I’ve adopted it because, well, it’s fabulous. Alright, so…I have to admit to being slightly [read: VERY] disappointed no one even bothered to enter my silly little competition and I may have been [read: WAS] pouting a bit [read: A LOT].  Perhaps it’s because you don’t have a penchant … Continue reading Phooey on You!