Yo Quiero Tequila!

So for those of you thinking this would be a blog about tequila, alas, you would be wrong.  This is a post about a place in Chelsea called Tequila Chito’s.  It’s a dive of a Mexican place that is, honestly, my go-to when it comes to going out.  And the person I usually go to it with is Ann (although I do confess to cheating on her a couple of times with other people)–she is the one who introduced me to Chito’s and it’s her birthday, so Happy Birthday Ann!

And before I go any further, I need to tell you where it’s located: 23rd Street between 8th & 9th Ave (closer to 9th).  I’m mentioning this now because Ann & I go there so often that when inviting new people, let’s say Ann’s brother and sis-in-law for her birthday dinner.  Text messaging went something like this:

We’re here and going to grab a drink.  Are you almost here?

Yeah, sure…as soon as you tell us where it is.

Oh right.

There are two things we order (we being Ann & I): pina coladas and enchiladas suizas.

That’s a lie of course, because we’ve also ordered nachos, tortilla soup, margaritas, tacos, and sangria.

But it is in the $4 pina coladas and the plate of cheesy enchiladas slathered in suizas sauce where our hearts truly lie.  And apparently we gushed about it enough that THE ENTIRE TABLE ordered the exact same thing!  That’s right pina coladas and suizas all around!

A great birthday dinner, indeed!  Feliz cumpleanos, Annie!  🙂

Happiness in a Glass--even the orange is smiling!

Happiness in a Glass–even the orange is smiling!



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