Granny’s Cream Puffs!

4 thoughts on “Granny’s Cream Puffs!”

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    Today would have been Granny’s 95th birthday…and in honor, I thought I’d [re-]share with you her cream puff recipe. Well, that and Hawaii is 2 days away, so I’m feeling a bit of a time crunch here!

    Aside from her warm hugs, her cream puffs were the most requested Granny item. When she showed me how to make them and I felt comfortable enough to make them on my own without her supervision, I would make her some for her birthday filled with lemon creme. As per Granny, she never seem to mind that I made it with store-bought pudding–probably because she feared she’d have to show me and it would be a “let’s make gravy….ok…never mind…just buy the packaged stuff from the store” fiasco [what? that’s another post for another time!].

    Happy Birthday, Granny. I love and miss you every day. xoxo

  2. I’m sorry to hear that your granny has passed on since you originally wrote the post, but from the way you describe her, it sounds as though she kept her sense of humor all through her life. 🙂

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