5 thoughts on “Expresso”

  1. I am just wondering if people make their morning coffee yet in their homes. 🙂 Finland we drink a lot of coffees. We have the only one International Coffee Museum. Also we reuse / recycle coffee bags to make from them bags. I did not gave links to these items from my blog here because it is not appropriate without permission. Happy Weekend!

      1. In Finland You would not be majority. Thank You accepting my links:

        Here is my post from that museum. I hope that there is something interesting to You. Coffee cups and coffee sets are appreciated in Finland yet today!

        International coffee cup museum.

        This post shows how my wife makes a shopping bag stage by stage from empty coffee bags.

        How to make bags from empty coffee bags.

        This post shows the evening bag she made from empty coffee bags. In addition to it, I show other types of bags:

        Evening bag .

        Have a great start of new week!

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