Margarita Monday, Part Dos

I wasn’t actually planning on Margarita Monday to be a thing, but last week’s post was rather popular.  I figured what the heck, let’s try this again.  NOTE: Don’t get too excited, because (oddly enough), I don’t have many pictures of margaritas (although I am happy to start a “Send Your Margarita Pictures” photo drive, if you’d like!).

I drink them, I promise–sometimes in copious amounts and therein might be the problem.  They’re just so darn tasty and easy to drink, like this one–which is a prickly pear margarita from Bejas in Fredericksburg, Texas (hometown, for all you newbies out there!)–that they tend to be gone before I even think to snap a pic!  Although this one’s bright red color made it impossible to ignore–and the perfect balance of sweet and citrus made it deeeee-licious! Salud!


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